Schulte Subaru gifts dream car to long-time employee

Published: Jul. 21, 2020 at 6:34 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Most are familiar with the saying, ‘hard work pays off.’

23 years of hard work certainly paid off for Glenn at Schulte Subaru in Sioux Falls.

On Monday evening he received the car of his dreams.

But, after talking to him and staff at the dealership, it’s about a lot more than his work ethic.

Mat Branjord, Training Manager, said, “I think he’s probably one of our most beloved employees.”

Glen Elness started out cleaning cars at Schulte Subaru and eventually worked his way up to being parts manager.

While his driven work ethic brought him to this position, it’s his positive light along the way that’s made him so special to those around him.

Branjord said, “One of the greatest guys to work with, always upbeat, always running around going 100 miles an hour.”

Staff says they’ve never heard a bad thing about him.

Mike Schulte, Schulte Subaru owner said, “He texts me three or four times a week about how to stay positive and happy Wednesday and how much he loves his job.”

Plus, his knowledge of car parts and love for specifically early, 2nd generation Camaros is like none other.

Jeremy Griffith, Finance Manager, said, “True car guy. Loves cars, loves being around cars.”

Over the 23 years, Glenn has grown to be like family. So, Mike’s father, Terry Schulte, thought it was time to show Glenn some appreciation.

Schulte said, “Dad came up one day and says, ‘You know how Glen has been obsessed about a Camaro his whole life?’ He goes, ‘Let’s find him one and give it to him.’”

So after months of planning and keeping it under wraps, Glen was surprised with a black and white Camaro.

“Just to see that, it kind of all hit me at once. Just, wow, you know? Overwhelming with every emotion you could think of,” said Glen.

Mike says moments like this are what life’s all about.

Schulte said, “It’s not about how many cars we sell, about how much service we do. It’s about those moments in life and what it meant to him and how it changes his life.”

Elness said, “Puts into perspective, what all the hard work, what many years of service, and actually how much they really appreciate you.”

Glen says while he loves his new car, it the people he works with that he appreciates the most.

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