NFL Alumni Association looking to team up with Sanford Health

Published: Jul. 31, 2020 at 5:14 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The NFL Alumni Association is testing the waters with regenerative medicines in Sioux Falls this week.

Two former Super Bowl Champions are in town meeting with Sanford Health about the possibility of a partnership.

According to a survey sent out by the NFL Alumni Association, regenerative medicine is in high demand among most NFL former players and Sanford Health is trying to help with that.

At a presentation in 2019, Dr. David Pearce of Sanford caught the attention of the NFL Alumni Association with their work with regenerative medicine.

Dr. Pearce said, “Regenerative medicine is just healing. We take cells from one part of the body and then if you have an injury in your shoulder or in your knee, you can inject them into that part of the body and it helps recruit the factors that have healing potential, and then the potential to regenerate as well.”

This type of therapy, is what the NFL Alumni Association believes could improve the quality of life in former players.

NFL Alumni Association’s Billy Davis said, “You see a lot of these guys who’ve lived a whole other life, but they’re paying for what they did in their 20′s. That damage goes with you for a lifetime.”

Billy Davis spent eight seasons in the NFL, including winning two super bowls, and knows what football can do to your body first hand.

Davis added, “I’ve had 27 surgeries, I’ve traveled the world for regenerative medicine.”

So, Davis is exploring regenerative medicine with Sanford Health this week, with fellow Super Bowl Champion Kyle Richardson.

Richardson said, “What we see a lot of is orthopedic issues, and the quality of life orthopedically. If we could find options for guys to have a really good quality of life, then that really goes back to helping our charitable effort of getting out in the communities and being positive role models.”

Ultimately, the NFL Alumni Association is searching for a better solution for life after football.

“This could be a great platform for years to come for guys exiting, and stepping right into a program that now they are going to have a much different experience than I’m having,” said Davis.

Although there isn’t an official partnership between the NFL Alumni Association and Sanford Health, this could be the beginning to the NFL having strong medical ties to Sioux Falls.

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