Save Your Cinema: Movie theaters looking for help through initiative

Just like other industries, movie theaters have been hit hard by the pandemic and are in jeopardy of going dark permanently.
Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 5:43 PM CDT
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MITCHELL, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Watching the newest box office movie while eating candy and popcorn. It’s an experience many of us have enjoyed for a very long time. But how much longer will classic theatres remain open?

Just like other industries, movie theaters have been hit hard by the pandemic and are in jeopardy of going dark permanently.

Recently, the Logan Luxury 5 Cinema in Mitchell and Dells Theater in Dell Rapids reopened for the weekends. However, like many theaters, they are only operating at about 10 percent capacity.

“The entire industry is being held hostage by the pandemic because the studios don’t want to release their new movies until all the theaters can be open and we’re up to running full speed. The theaters can’t do well and can’t get back to full 7-day a week at full speed operation without new movies to play,” said Jeff Logan, President of Logan Luxury Theaters Corporation.

Many cinemas are at risk of closing permanently. That's something Logan would hate to see happen.

"A movie theater is so important to the fabric of the local community," said Logan.

“It’s a place where we all gather, no matter what our interests, our age, young and old, rich and poor. And I think we all have fond memories of going to a theater of our first dates or the first movie we saw with our children.”

Since opening, Logan says he's put several new safety protocols in place.

“Blocking off every other row. We ask that people leave three seats between them and the next group,” said Logan.

Staff also spray the theater with disinfectant after every show. And sanitizer stations can be found throughout the theater.

However, Logan understands that some people still aren't comfortable going to a movie theater yet. So he says there is something else folks can do to help out their local theaters. With a new national initiative called "Save Your Cinema."

"To send letters to our congressional delegation and sign petitions that in any of the bills, relief bills being considered restart or if there's an extension of the Paycheck Protection Program, any of those bills that movie theaters be included," said Logan.

That way people can enjoy movies for generations to come.

You can get more info and sign the petition here:

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