Aberdeen set to host BMX Nationals

Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 7:02 PM CDT
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ABERDEEN, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Aberdeen is preparing to host a South Dakota first. The Hub City Nationals will be the first national BMX event held in the state, as riders from all over the country are expected to race.

The event is expected to draw in around 1,000 riders from around 40 states to the Hub City. Thursday’s practice session already saw hundred of riders, family members and fans show up to the Hub Area BMX track.

Kyle Oswald is the Hub Area BMX Track Operator. He says that already with the riders that have showed up, they’ve well surpassed the biggest crowd they’ve ever had at the track.

“With this being a weekend event, it’s awesome to see the town benefiting from people coming even on Thursday already. And even today for practice, this will be the largest group we’ve ever had at any event. And this is the practice day.” says Oswald.

Hotels and businesses have been bustling with BMX riders and fans attending the weekend’s races. Tents and camps have already set up around the track as well. Oswald says that this may not only be the biggest event in Aberdeen this summer, but of all time.

“Well I’ve said for the last couple of weeks that Aberdeen just doesn’t understand just how big this is. When I tell people that this is going to be the largest sporting event ever hosted in this town, they just look at me kind of blank. Like, ‘How is this possible with a BMX race?‘” says Oswald.

The turnout is certainly different that what the track is used to seeing. The largest amount of riders the track has had for any event before was around 250 riders. Now with over 1,000 registering for the Nationals, the track has quadrupled that their record. But it’s something that Oswald says is welcomed, hoping that more national events will come to Aberdeen in the coming years.

“Most of the time, you’re getting groups from North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, maybe a couple of other states. You’re literally going to see about 40 states represented at this event. I mean they’re coming from all over.”

Oswald says that he hopes this taste of national competition will show the city just how massive a BMX Nationals event can be, and the benefit they can bring to local businesses.

“Everyone needs to if not attend it at least drive by it, and just witness how large this event actually is. I mean we’re talking about 1,000 people registered to race. That’s amazing. Like I said, even if you have no interest in BMX, just to see the amount of people that are going to be here is incredible.

A full list of event details and schedule can be found on the Aberdeen Hub Area BMX site.

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