Schools prepare to social distance

Published: Aug. 12, 2020 at 5:36 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - When students return to schools this upcoming fall, they should expect some changes.

Due to COVID-19, many schools are following CDC guidelines to help keep their students safe.

One guideline many schools are working to accommodate is social distancing.

Since the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Centers for Disease control have been recommending social distancing to slow the spread of the virus.

This fall schools are doing what they can to keep their students apart, while bringing them together.

The Sioux Falls School District will have social distancing as a top priority starting the first day of school.

SFSD Health Services Supervisor Molly Satter said, “Social Distancing is really an important method of prevention for COVID, so we definitely want to make sure that people are taking that seriously, that we are educating students and staff on that so they know how to properly social distance, and that they are following through with that.”

There are many different spaces in schools, and the district has a plan for all of them.

Satter said, “Spreading the desks a part, removing existing furniture from classrooms so that desks can be spread further apart, making sure students when they are traveling in the hallways they are keeping spread out and going the same directions when that’s possible.”

In larger gathering areas there will be proper space between people, and schools will have signage through the building for reminders.

With many schools throughout the district, each one brings challenges when it comes to space.

“It looks different at different levels, and even at different schools give the physical layout of a building. Everybody will be learning that and the teachers will be reenforcing that as we move forward,” Satter added.

As staff and students move through the pandemic together, the Sioux Falls School District wants it to be a collaborative effort between the two to keep everyone safe.

“No punishment. It would look like a redirection in reeducating and reminders. This is new for everyone and so it’s going to take reminders for everyone to find a new routine, so it’s just working with our students and staff,” Satter added.

Many schools have similar social distancing rules as the Sioux Falls School District, and most districts lay out those rules on their websites.

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