Aberdeen family on the mend after dealing with COVID-19

Published: Aug. 13, 2020 at 8:39 PM CDT
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ABERDEEN, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - An Aberdeen family is on the mend, after battling COVID-19 the past couple of weeks.

Jonathan and Hillary Goff both came down with the virus, forcing their entire family to isolate. Both say that they had extreme chest pains and body aches. While the entire family is now recovering and testing negative for the virus, they say that the symptoms of the virus were much more intense than anything they had felt before.

“For me, it was more of the chest issues. And that was interesting because it felt like you had a big weight sitting right on your heart. And it’s not something I’ve ever felt before.” said Jonathan Goff.

“My thought process was lets just get this thing over with. But we were probably struggling for 10 plus days where fpor about four days I did not get out of bed. It hurt to roll over in bed.” said Hillary Goff.

Jonathan said it was a struggle to try and isolate between themselves in their house. When Hillary first got tested positive for the virus, the family tried their best to limit exposure between one another. But even then that proved difficult.

“We quarantine as best as we can as a household, and then try to take it another step and try to have Hillary stay in one room as best as she can. Or at least one level.” said Jonathan.

Now after a couple of weeks of the recovering, the family is on the mend. Hillary started back at her job at Northern State this weeks, taking more precautions around others than before she got sick.

“I mean, you can tell when people talk to you, they want to keep their distance. But I was one that wore a mask at work all the time. And don’t want to say I kind of got lazy with it, but when I would run to the bathroom, I would just run to the bathroom. But now I keep a mask on at all times. With my door open to my office, I keep my mask on. I’m washing my hand several times a day.”

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