New invention from Groton company aims to reduce grain bin accidents

Published: Aug. 28, 2020 at 6:30 PM CDT
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ABERDEEN, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - A Groton company is trying to solve one of the most dangerous problems to South Dakota farmers and producers with the release of a new product.

The Bin Sump-Pro is designed to break up clumps of grain and ice that can plug the bottom of grain bins, eliminating the need for farmers to climb into bins to unplug them, or spend thousands of dollars to cut open the bin. The product is designed to fit in most bins already built, saving farmers time and money as well. Shawn Gengerke, founder and owner of Leading Edge Industries which produces the Bin Sump-Pro, said that the continued danger of grain bins is what drove the company to innovate.

“When you see the tragedy that happens to a family, you know that’s a tough thing to see. The danger factor of these bins, and what we have to deal wit has Ag producers, we felt that we were going to try to find a solution for it.” said Gengerke.

Gengerke’s own experience with plugged bins was part of the inspiraction he needed to help design a product to fix the issue, taking two years to design, test and manufacture a solution.

“Being a fifth generation farmer, we kind of had an idea of how we need to design for the products we do incur. And we started about two years ago. We had an incident with one of our bins that plugged.”

It was from that incident, as well as countless other deaths of farmers due to plugged bins, that Gengerke wanted to find a solution not only for himself, but something he could provide to others.

“The stress and the danger alone of having to cut a hole in it, and unload it, and worried about tipping it over. That;s kind of what started it, along with you know, being up close to some of these tragedies of these families that we’ve seen first hand.”

More information about Leading Edge Industries and the Bin Sump-Pro can be found here.

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