South Dakota State Fair kicks off in Huron

South Dakota State Fair kicks off in Huron
Published: Sep. 3, 2020 at 10:10 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Across the US, state fairs have been canceled due to the pandemic. But South Dakota is one of the few exceptions. The state fair kicked off today in Huron.

The fair is a tradition for many like Julie Kropuenske.

“We just love the fair. My parents were always involved with the fair. I spent my first week at the fair when I was less than two months old,” said Kropuenske.

She’s glad her 59-year attendance streak wasn’t ruined. Fair vendors are also happy the fair wasn’t canceled.

“Usually we have 16 events a year and this year just two,” said Fair Vendor Jim Thomsen.

“We do a whole circuit, but this year the only fair season we have is the South Dakota State Fair because all the other state fairs have canceled,” said Fair Vendor David Webster.

It’s been a tough year as many vendors rely on the fair season.

“It’s devastating, I mean I’m so grateful to the governor of this state and the fair that not only me but a lot of other vendors that we have a place to actually work,” said Webster.

Due to the pandemic, some vendors had to make some changes.

“Normally we have these, you know big plastic balls that you know, you get in and try to walk on water, but with COVID this year we had to rethink our strategy and actually get a different game just because that was going to be so unsanitary,” said Fair Vendor Samuel Dominguez.

Instead, fairgoers can try the Beat the Bar Challenge. But Dominguez says it’s worth it if it means he gets to work. And he looks forward to the next few days of the fair.

“You know it’s looking promising. We still see a lot of people here. Everyone’s, you know trying to stay safe and it’s looking alright. It’s looking good,” said Dominguez.

Fair staff agree.

“You know it’s gone really really well and people are happy and about and to get back to some normalcy I think,” said State Fair Manager Peggy Besch.

With some safety measures also in place to ensure everyone has a fun and safe fair experience.

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