Sioux Falls looks at soy-based solution to preserve city streets

Published: Sep. 16, 2020 at 6:42 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - A Minnesota company is looking to make Sioux Falls roads stronger.

Bargen Incorporated is looking to use soybeans grown in South Dakota to create a solution to strengthen the streets and save taxpayers money.

Bargen Inc. is working with South Dakota soybean farmers to make a product called RePlay. RePlay is sprayed on roads and meant to protect them from many elements.

“It makes them stronger, it waterproofs them. It’s got a UV protector that keeps the sun from breaking the asphalt down because when the road is black it heats up and you have to keep oils and polymers in it to keep it from breaking down,” Jerry Van Dyke with Bargen Inc. said.

RePlay is a soy-based solution made up of citrus, soy, and canola oils. It is a product that could not only help preserve roads in the Sioux Falls area but also support local farmers.

“Sioux Falls is an agricultural town, always has been from its inception. Now we actually have a partnership with farmers in the area and Sioux Falls for some products that are going to save residents some money, that are environmentally friendly, and that help assist soybean farmers because we are moving a product for them,” Jerry Schmitz of the South Dakota Soybean Checkoff added.

Bargen says that RePlay can make roads last between five and nine years longer than expected, and to the city making streets survive longer means saving taxpayer dollars.

“We just want to preserve our streets at the lowest cost possible, and rejuvenator is one of those preservation treatments that we can do in the early years of the asphalt street to help preserve it and save taxpayers money,” said Civil Engineer for the City of Sioux Falls Nick Rezac.

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