New Gift Box series encouraging community to explore DTSF

New Gift Box series encouraging community to explore DTSF
Published: Sep. 20, 2020 at 9:36 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - For those who are looking to get out and do something in the Sioux Falls area, the city is starting a brand new series called ‘Downtown Sioux Falls Gift Box.'

This is the city’s newest promotion. They’ve come up with a unique way to encourage everyone to explore downtown.

Sadie Swier, Sioux Falls Community Outreach Coordinator said, “This came from the need to get people right in front of businesses and increase the activity in Downtown Sioux Falls.”

All you need is a smartphone to sign up on the Downtown Sioux Falls Digital passport app.

Swier said, “There is a map and a scanning function, and all you do is walk around to nine or ten locations and all you do is go up to the scan code poster and scan it and that’s it! So, once you do all of those, we can track who completes it all and then they’re entered into a drawing.”

The Gift Boxes are given to winners every two weeks. Each are themed and come with prizes, ranging from $500 gift cards to a free hotel night’s stay & more.

Tami Brown, Co-owner of the Spice and Tea Exchange said, “There really is something for everybody. There’s a family-friendly one, a pampering box, and the fun and games one.”

Brown says this type of promotion is a great idea. “I think it’s great for a lot of reasons, one of course being probably what spurred it all was the COVID situation where downtown Sioux Falls really started thinking in a new way to reach people. But, I also think it’s great to have a more spread out promotion.”

Swier said the main goal is to encourage the community to explore local businesses. And, the longer duration of the promo is so people are able to go on their own time, in a safe manner.

“We’re giving people the opportunity to explore downtown in a comfortable, safe way that they want to, and that might not be a huge one-day event, and so that’s why we wanted to do this longer running promotion,” said Swier.

Brown said, “I know it’s gonna be fun for me and my staff because it’s just a different thing people are gonna be doing.”

For those that are thinking about taking part, there’s still plenty of time. The series goes until Small Business Saturday on November 28th.

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