Avera Medical Minute: Staying safe while returning to the gym

Published: Oct. 2, 2020 at 4:37 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - When the doors reopened back up at Avera McKennan Fitness center in June, the staff had just wrapped up deep cleaning and disinfecting. Avera Personal fitness trainer Chad Gomarko says guidelines to keep returning members safe are in place.

“We’re restricting the spacing between machines to respect the six, six-foot social distancing. Our staff is wearing masks,” said Gomarko.

The deep cleaning continues.

“We’ve stepped up cleaning protocols where we’re cleaning on the hour, and really just doing our best to maintain a clean, clean environment and a healthy environment where members feel comfortable,” said Gomarko.

In this age of new precautions, it is still important to stay healthy.

“To help alleviate the stresses of daily life and during the pandemic just important to be cautious of taking care of your body from a physical and mental health standpoint,” said Gomarko.

Megan Meehan signed up for a class and got her daughter signed up for childcare that is now only by reservation.

“You’re screened, they take your temperature. For the group fitness classes when I go to, there’s a limited amount of members that can attend each class. You’re a safe distance, the six feet,” said Meehan.

Staying fit is just one of the reasons Walley Wallenberg is here.

“Working out is more than a physical thing for me it’s a mental and a social thing as well,” said Wallenberg.

He was one of the first to return when the doors opened.

“When I looked around and saw how the machinery was all spaced out, the lockers were spaced out, the classes were spaced out. I lost that anxiety right away. I felt really safe in this environment,” said Wallenberg.

Being cautious to return to a gym during the pandemic is understandable.

“I think if you’re kind of on the fence. I mean, at least come and take a look and see what they’ve done here. And I think you’ll find the same safety that I found,” said Wallenberg.

“If you’re questioning if you should come back to a gym, this is a great place to be. They make you feel comfortable, safe, and they’ve done a good job,” said Meehan.

“Being engaged in life, and hopefully helping them feel better and be happy,” said Gomarko.

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