New poll shows positive favorability for TenHaken; Reveals close presidential race in Sioux Falls

Published: Oct. 9, 2020 at 5:19 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - A new poll suggests that the majority of residents approve of the work that Mayor Paul TenHaken’s administration is doing in the city and that the presidential race might be closer than expected, at least in Sioux Falls.

The poll, commissioned by TenHaken’s campaign, was conducted by a Republican polling firm called Public Opinion Strategies, based in Virginia.

According to the poll, 74% of the Sioux Falls population approves of the mayor’s performance since taking office.

Another 65% say the city is on the right track with concerns being how the coronavirus is managed and dealing with crime.

But one question on that poll asked people their preference in the upcoming presidential race. It showed Biden with 48% of the vote against President Trump’s 42%.

In Minnehaha County in 2016, Trump beat Hillary Clinton by nearly 14-percentage points. Though it was much closer in 2012 when Republican Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama by 7 points.

Democrats say they’re not surprised by the shift.

“Younger voters are leaning towards the policies of the democratic party, and we are starting to see that. We are starting to see them also reach out to their friends, get involved, get out and vote, we can’t let this election go by and not be involved,” said Nikki Gronli Vice-chair of the South Dakota Democratic Party.

Although state republicans are still confident.

“The poll represents a narrow slice of the state. Sioux Falls is a competitive environment, and not one that republicans take for granted, but you have to remember that South Dakota as a whole, votes republican,” said South Dakota GOP Director Dave Roetman.

“In one legislative district we were calling into last evening, we found 104 of 115 - over 90% - of voters were solidly in the Trump column.”

Support for Trump remains strong elsewhere in South Dakota and several statewide polls support that statement.

The poll analysis website says trump has a 98% chance of winning South Dakota.

As for the actual purpose of the poll, it found good news for Mayor TenHaken showing him with a 78% favorability rating.

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