Avera Medical Minute: Pregnancy and health insurance plans

Published: Oct. 13, 2020 at 4:37 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Krista Prouty and her husband Martin are just a few weeks away from the arrival of their precious baby.

“To see the baby on the monitor was amazing and to feel the heartbeats and to have my husband Martin there with me it was a wonderful, wonderful feeling that obviously, we’ll never forget,” said Prouty.

Their relationship with Avera started before they were expecting.

“We attended the spring ‘Maybe a Baby’ event in Sioux Falls, just to kind of get an idea of, of cost, what to expect,” said Prouty.

Avera OBGYN Dr. Brenda Kallemeyn monitors Krista’s pregnancy and answers questions.

“Absolutely exciting and it’s one of the reasons I love to take care of my pregnant patients, and I get to deliver their babies and help them expand their families and it’s just so much fun,” said Dr. Kallemeyn.

Krista also had questions about her health insurance. She called Avera Health plans.

“I talked to Jeremy and he was wonderful answering all my questions was so kind,” said Prouty.

She was surprised at what Jeremy did for her after the call ended.

“A week later I got a card in the mail from Avera Health plans. I’m like: ‘What is this?’ and all of a sudden I got this kind handwritten note just congratulating us, and if there’s anything else that Avera health plans can do, that they’re there for us. Plus, there was a gift card in there. What insurance company sends their customers a congratulatory note, and a gift card in the mail,” said Prouty.

Shellie Reitzel is the director of sales at Avera Health Plans.

“Having a baby is one of the great joyous things an agent gets to walk through with their, their client,” said Reitzel.

Open enrollment is November first through December 15th.

“You should look at their options during this open enrollment period, make sure you ask all the questions there is not a dumb question when it comes to insurance,” said Reitzel.

Now is the time to review your coverage and compare other policies.

“You should be able to rely on your agent and your health insurance carrier to speak to you in your plain language, and to explain it to you all those things that maybe you don’t quite understand,” said Reitzel.

Doctors see the benefits of choosing Avera Health Plans.

“...nurses that work with the health plans as far as any of our high-risk patients, and they follow those patients through their entire pregnancy to try to make it as healthy as possible,” said Dr. Kallemeyn.

Now that Krista has her answers from Avera Health Plans, and guidance from her doctor, she’s ready for the arrival of her baby.

“I’m just going with all the COVID regulations and respecting what the hospital wants from us in regards to when we’re going to our appointments and that kind of thing, but no anxiety other than probably just a first-time mom,” said Prouty.

Health insurance companies may require that you call and notify them of a birth in your family within a specific timeframe, in order to have a child added to your policy.

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