Full Circle Book Co-op endures continued vandalism

Store owner opens up about continued crime.
Published: Oct. 28, 2020 at 11:30 AM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -

The downtown Sioux Falls shop Full Circle Book Co-op is continuing to endure months of vandalism, and now owners are speaking out.

“It was just so disheartening,” said co-owner Jason Kurt about the damages to the book co-op when the incidents first started. “People walk up to us on the street and say it was terrible, and I think this is something the Sioux Falls community doesn’t really tolerate.”

But unfortunately, Jason added that the events became all too commonplace. Over the past nine months, the book co-op has been vandalized on four occasions. What started as two eggings involving over 150 eggs at each incident was followed months later by a brick being thrown through the front window, along with other damages to the storefront, followed up earlier this month with a vandal spraypainting the front of the building.

The Sioux Falls community’s help has supported the owners through the thousands of dollars in damages. Fundraising has kept Full Circle from going under due to the cost of the damages, and fellow business owners in the downtown area have blended emotional and physical support.

“It’s something that we’re humbled to see, that every time we see a negative incident the positives out way the negatives,” said co-owner Jason Kurtz when thinking back on the support Full Circle has witnessed.

From Kickstarter fundraising pages to residents stopping and handing the owners money while cleaning the broken glass from the sidewalk, the local shop’s support is obvious.

“It raises your spirits when you get a lot of good outpouring, and we’re so appreciative of the help that we’ve had, and financially we just wouldn’t be able to be open because of the things that have happened, so we’re so appreciative of the help that we’ve had,” said co-owner Sion Lidster.

The fundraising online raised roughly $12,000, which replaced the damages to Full Circle and paid for a security system. The owners say they will continue to push on, hoping that the crimes, no classified as hate crimes, will tail off after the election.

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