Williamson prepares his Colman-Egan team for football but also for life after high school

“Do Your Job” philosophy works for football but also for life
Published: Oct. 27, 2020 at 11:42 PM CDT
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COLMAN, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Dakota News Now photojournalist Dave Hauck spent time with Chad Williamson and his players after listening to the veteran head coach tell his kids “Do Your Job” at a game he was recently shooting. As he found out, it applies to much more than just the game of football for the Hawks head coach who’s built a winning tradition at Colman-Egan in the process. But he’s also getting his players prepared for life inn the process.

Do your job!

Chad Williamson, Colman-Egan Football Coach says: “I tell them they can have their own little world. Whatever your position you play, here’s your responsibility and here’s your job and you do that. And if you can do that and every body else on the field can do their jobs, than every play offensively, defensively and special teams should be successful. And that’s really what we build things around on the field. So it’s extremely important that they all do their jobs and the belief in that.”

Do your job!

Noah Anderson, Colman-Egan Offensive Lineman says: “It’s very important if someone doesn’t do their job. The play breaks down and if everyone is doing their job and gets it done there’s a play at the line every time and on defense if everyone does their job the tackle is made before they can get yards and on offense if you do your job the play is going for a touchdown.”

Do your job!

Cole Hannasch, Colman-Egan Cornerback says: “It’s important to work had in practice and to work hard all the time. If you don’t work hard in practice then you don’t work hard in the game and you play how you practice.”

Chad Williamson says: “I’m not worried about them coming back and telling me I’m right. I want to see them in 5 or 10 years from now when they’re married and have kids and are successful. The career they want and they’re enjoying their life and doing it the right way. That means that they learned something whether it was from me or other teachers here at school and their parents and the community. That they learned all that in high school and how to live and to me that’s as important as anything.”

Noah Anderson says:"The past is the past and you can’t really change that and the future is what you need to focus on."

Chad Williamson says: “If you don’t keep moving it can all be squandered and gone and then you don’t have the program you one had and we don’t want to lose what we have.”

Do your job!

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