Search continues for missing Woonsocket man

Published: Oct. 29, 2020 at 10:00 PM CDT
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WOONSOCKET, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Although missing for over seven months, the search continues for Eugene Prins of Woonsocket is still on. Family members are still looking for any signs of where Prins might have gone, last seen on 402nd Avenue south of SD Highway 34. It’s been an exhaustive search for any clue of where he went, but something his step father Jeff Hotchkiss says ultimately has gone nowhere.

“The State’s Attorney did finally get into his phone, which we thought would be a big help, which turned out to be not much.” Hotchkiss says.

Law enforcement spent days back in March and April searching with dogs, aircraft and search groups looking for Prins. Sanborn County Sheriff Tom Fridley says he had hoped with the influx of hunters to the area that some new leads might’ve turned up. But so far, it’s been quiet.

“It is ultimately frustrating for my agency, let alone the family that has no ability for closure. And that just makes it extremely tough and frustrating.” Fridley says.

Prins' family is still hoping to find anything leading to him, hanging banners and fliers in the area hoping someone might come forward with new information. But his mother Pat Scholtes says each day is getting harder to bear.

“I get up everyday and I write a letter to him on Facebook. It’s how I start everyday, every single day It’s like the only connection I have left. I can’t let him go.”

Anyone with information about Prins or his whereabouts are encouraged to contact the Sanborn County Sheriff’s office at (605) 796-4511.

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