Avera Medical Minute: Rezum procedure for enlarged prostate less invasive with great results

Published: Nov. 10, 2020 at 3:47 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Jack Axom is grateful that he and his doctor found a solution to ongoing bladder infections that spread throughout his body.

“It’s so simple. It’s almost unbelievable,” said Axom.

Before his treatment, Axom was making frequent trips to the hospital for treatment of a bladder infection.

“It raised my temperature all the time and then they’d take me down to, to the hospital and that was the only way we could correct it,” said Axom.

The bladder infections were brought on by using a catheter due to an enlarged prostate. Avera urologist Dr. Joseph Wyatt helps men find options for an enlarged prostate and related complications.

“Nearing 60-grams and it can actually get a lot bigger than that. Some men I’ve treated over the 100-gram size,” said Dr. Wyatt.

Symptoms of an enlarged prostate include urgency, frequency, or straining to urinate.

“A lot of men actually delayed treatment or being evaluated because it just seems normal because it’s been that way so long,” said Dr. Wyatt.

Even though Jack has a heart issue that makes surgery with general anesthetics uncertain, there was another option: The Rezum procedure.

“Utilizing steam for the heating. So the steam provides a very quick and effective way of heating that tissue up to that target temperature and getting that enlarged tissue shrunk back,” said Wyatt.

“It was done right here in the clinic. And it was a very simple procedure I laughed all the way through it because we had laughing gas,” said Axom.

Each steam injection is nine seconds, the whole procedure is around five minutes.

“The brevity that it requires really means that you can pull that off in an office setting without general anesthesia and the associated dangers, you know for some patients of it,” said Wyatt.

“You don’t feel anything and when you leave here there’s no pain, got up, and walked out of here and went home and everything’s altogether different than what it was before,” said Axom.

The Rezum procedure was done at Avera Medical Group in Pierre, closer to the Axsom’s home in Gettysburg.

“I am so happy that this 60 miles, is not 400 miles,” said Axom.

“Now he can focus on other things his family he can focus on only needed to really go to his heart doctor,” said Wyatt. And don’t wait until you’re in that predicament where you have lots of other health problems and the options get limited.

Now Jack can focus on enjoying life instead of planning where or when his next bathroom stop will be.

“Very, very happy with this procedure. It’s too bad, it didn’t happen years ago. So other gentlemen could have the same privilege that I’ve had,” said Axom.

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