Avera Medical Minute: Avera employees show dedication to help during pandemic

Published: Nov. 27, 2020 at 6:24 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Working for any of the Avera locations across the region during the pandemic brings new challenges nearly every day.

The two Avera employees we’re featuring in this story have very different duties, yet both are important. Bonnie Noi Heuan works in food services and Jennifer Miller is at the COVID testing center. Both share a common concern about coming into contact with COVID-19.

“Probably like getting something and then taking it home to the kids,” said Noi Heuan.

“I’m gonna get my parents sick. That I’m gonna get my kids sick my husband’s sick. I worry about myself too, but they’re the first priority,” said Miller.

It’s as busy as ever for them both.

“We’re picking up a little bit, with the hospital being full. Making them a little happy with everything going on, making them coffee is easy,” said Noi Heuan.

The COVID testing center sees a steady stream of sick people coming in for testing.

“We can do six cars at a time. Sometimes there are six people in a car,” said Miller. “I do the swabbing, the testing, I do some of the lab side of things where I get the specimens entered into the system. Just education, help out with the new employees that come in.”

Although their duties are very different, the commitment is there to help however they can.

“99% of the people are wonderful,” said Miller.

“Everybody is still polite and is still kind, and saying Good morning, at least,” said Noi Heuan.

“I get a fair share of grateful, scared, and just over it. I mean, that seems to be the general vibe of everybody’s day,” said Miller.

Both add the importance of protecting yourself and staying safe.

“Going through a line and a drive-thru getting swapped is pretty convenient what’s not convenient is being intubated,” said Miller.

“I just don’t think people take it seriously enough, it’s still and that’s, that’s when it gets. That’s when it gets hard,” said Miller. “The line doesn’t lie, you know that the amount of people that come through on a daily basis, isn’t getting any smaller so I guess if anything, just wear a mask, stay home, do what you can do, take care of each other. Be kind.”

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