Make-A-Wish grants 12-year-old’s dream for a gamer hideaway

Make-A-Wish grants 12-year-old's dream for a gamer hideaway
Published: Dec. 5, 2020 at 10:56 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - When 12-year-old Jace was diagnosed with cancer in October of 2019, followed by the pandemic in 2020, he began spending a lot of time inside his home.

With his love for his family, movie nights, and video games, the idea of a gamer’s hideaway wish came to light.

A place where he could escape to whenever he wanted soon became a reality.

“He’s very strong. Faith in God is even more incredible,” said Jace’s mom Beth Plessner, “He had a tumor about that size in his right thigh muscle. and fortunately there was a targeted medicine and then in April, end of April, he had surgery to remove remainder of his tumor.”

“The medicine is pretty much amazing, a miracle. its been quite a journey,” added Wade Plessner, Jace’s father.

Beth said, “It’s probably parents worst nightmare. you wouldn’t wish it on anybody but at same time, we are glad we went through it. were all better for it. its made us all stronger.”

Sue Salter, President and CEO of Make-A-Wish, said, “Right now we are granting all wishes we can safely grant. those immediately involve local possession wishes like this where child wishes for something that is going to be part of their home or an item they can have.”

Jace said, “I walked into basement and saw that pinball machine, I’m like woah, that is awesome. then the 86 inch TV is amazing. I love all the posters. I kind of love everything about it.”

“It was really fun getting to see my friends again. really cool to see all fire trucks and cops,” he added.

“Everybody knows make a wish and knows who they are but never want to be involved with them because of what it means to have a child that has an illness. But, its been an amazing experience. they just wrap their arms around us,” said Beth.

She continued, “They care about kids who have gone through cancer and they want to be able to take our minds off of cancer and feel happy.”

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