Avera Medical Minute: Tips for choosing the best health care coverage

Published: Dec. 13, 2020 at 10:59 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -

Getting your child prepared for college can create a long list of things to do. Trisha Ferwerda recently helped her daughter Sophia with a move to attend college in Arizona.

“We walked through a college checklist with her. It was important for me to educate her on the importance of her health plan,” said Ferwerda.

Ferwerda contacted Avera Health plans and added her daughter’s out of state coverage in Arizona to an in-network plan at no extra charge.

“Making sure that she was completely covered. Making sure that everything was taken care of for her was huge for me up for a plan. And they helped me find local providers in Arizona for her. And we’re in our network,” said Ferwerda.

A week after the move into the dorm...

“She went longboarding to actually get a tattoo. And she broke her ankle and a concussion and had to have an ambulance ride all the way to finish. She not been covered I would have $10,000 out of pocket,” said Ferwerda.

Avera health plan sales associate Janice Lewis helps her clients review their options.

“Your health insurance plan isn’t just for those catastrophes that you have I mean there are some preventative services that are available to you that you can take advantage of and that’s getting a free physical on any of the insurance plans that we offer. A lot of those services people don’t think about, but they are out there, and they are set up to help you stay healthy,” said Lewis.

When choosing health insurance, Lewis suggests finding out what the plans include for health screenings, deductibles, co-pay amounts, prescription coverage and if there are federal marketplace dollars you may qualify for.

“Just don’t look at cost only think about your health. Think about what the next year, could potentially bring if there’s something you’ve been putting off of doctoring for, due to the pandemic or whatever reason, you know, think about that when you’re looking at coverage to get for next year because that’ll be important too,” said Lewis.

A health care plan that’s based here at home can make a difference.

“They just had that Midwest, South Dakota, caring, feel to them. That’s really familiar to me. And so yeah, that is a big part of why I went with Avera health plans,” said Ferwerda.

“People want to know: I am purchasing locally and this is somewhere that I can go into an office if I need to get help,” said Lewis.

“It was a huge peace of mind for me,” said Ferwerda.

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