Over 150 businesses join ‘ReOpen Minnesota Coalition’

Over 150 businesses join ‘ReOpen Minnesota Coalition’
Published: Dec. 14, 2020 at 6:53 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -COVID-19 restrictions on Minnesota businesses are set to expire on Friday, but Governor Tim Walz is expected to announce Wednesday whether he will extend those restrictions. But there’s a growing movement aimed at a mass reopening for businesses, no matter what the governor decides.

The organization “ReOpen Minnesota” has planned an initiative for businesses to start reopening this Wednesday and over 150 businesses across the state plan to take part.

“And do what they could before Christmas to provide for themselves and their employees,” said Darius Teichroew, Founder of ReOpen Minnesota.

Teichroew isn’t a business owner, but says he is a concerned community member. He started ReOpen Minnesota because he didn’t think it was fair that small businesses were being affected by the restrictions.

“Some of the things that you’d see, walk into a Walmart and people are packed in there and restaurants sitting empty or salons sitting empty, which is only one-on-one anyways. So that really made no sense,” said Teichroew.

Some businesses have already defied Governor Walz’s order and have gotten in trouble like the owner of Boardwalk Bar and Grill in east Grand Forks.

“She opened last week and she’s already gotten in some level of trouble. She lost her liquor license... and she’s going to be in court this next week,” said Teichroew.

So Teichroew says it’s important to have strength in numbers.

“We’re hopeful that maybe with the pressure that this is creating that he (Gov. Walz) will relent and give them something and be merciful as we approach Christmas,” said Teichroew.

Brian Sterling, Owner of Sterling’s Cafe and Grill isn’t a part of the planned reopening, but says shutting down in-person dining has taken a toll on his business.

“It’s about surviving right now and a big part of it is having the responsibility that I have for my employees... It’s hard to tell your employees that you’re not going to have any work for them,” said Sterling.

He says it’s also frustrating being a business so close to the South Dakota border.

“You know, should we be opening some of these businesses up so people don’t have to travel and go expose themselves maybe in a more dangerous situation? And plus bringing it back into our community,” said Sterling.

If restrictions remain Sterling says he may have a tough decision to make.

A list of all the businesses that are participating in the ReOpen Minnesota Coalition will be posted Tuesday on the Facebook page: ReOpen Minnesota Coalition.

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