Avera Medical Minute: Losing one hundred pounds changed life of Sioux Falls educator

Published: Jan. 3, 2021 at 10:58 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Sheldon Tulio remembers looking for a plan and guidance to lose weight.

“I woke up one morning I just said, I need change,” said Tulio.

As an education assistant, he wanted more energy to keep up with the kids. Sheldon chose the ideal living program at Avera integrative health.

“To be able to work with people that make this their career. I think that was the biggest option, and choice coming here,” said Tulio.

Five months later he’s a transformed man.

“So I definitely feel healthier. I have actually lost a little bit over 100 pounds,” said Tulio. “It’s a blessing, just being able to move as much as I can, walking places or doing quick athletics like playing softball with my friends or participating in the gym with the kids I work with.

Becky Hanzen has shared the journey with him as his Avera Health coach.

“Sheldon is doing great. You know, I think, when he came to us he was just so ready to make those lifestyle changes. He knows that it’s not just about the food but that was his, the key component that he felt like he could control with the time,” said Hanzen.

The ideal living protocol is simple.

“It does get you off sugar, and it does have you cooking, two cups of vegetables for lunch, and two cups of vegetables for supper and your own protein,” said Hanzen.

And the protein-rich snacks help him feel satisfied.

“There’s drink shakes bars cereal pancakes soups, noodles chili, and chips so there’s a wide variety for people that want those different things,” said Hanzen.

It’s more than just about food.

“Making sure that people are feeling okay is a balance of my body spirit,” said Hanzen.

And the future looks bright.

“The end goal is not here yet but I’m progressing every day and I feel way better every single day,” said Tulio.

“When we start to lose weight, we have more energy and then we’re not as depressed. It all goes together,” said Hanzen.

Sheldon says he sees his whole life in a brand new way.

“I’m excited to be progressing not only program but in life,” said Tulio.

Whether it’s the ideal living plan or another available from Avera, you don’t need to be on the journey alone.

“We at Avera hope to be able to be that team for you,” said Hanzen.

A free virtual event is scheduled for Wednesday, January 13th at 5:30 pm.

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