Biden revokes cross-border permit for Keystone XL Pipeline.

Published: Jan. 20, 2021 at 11:35 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The Keystone XL Pipeline has been a contentious project between republicans and democrats for years.

President Biden’s move to revoke the Keystone XL Pipeline’s permit has some hopeful of a greener future.

“Know that the more progressive wing of the democratic party wants to implement the green new deal and policies that favor more usage of fossil fuels probably doesn’t help him with that portion of the democratic party base,” said Michael Card, professor of political science at the University of South Dakota.

Former President Obama rejected this project back in 2015, but once former President Trump took office, it was back on.

Those against the project felt the possibility of damaging the environment was too high.

“Pipelines leak eventually, and the thought is, is that we are, by some more specifically democrats than republicans that we are endangering the water supply of Native Americans,” said Card.

Those who work to further indigenous rights, have been fighting to stop Keystone XL and are glad the new president is on their side.

“This is a big victory for indigenous rights, indigenous and tribal sovereignty. Like I said, for many years, indigenous nations and communities have worked tirelessly to deny and to push against the Keystone XL pipeline from crossing their territories because it threatens environment, it threatens water,” said Jade Begay, NDN Collectives Climate Justice Campaign Director.

But tonight, South Dakota’s governor and the company behind the pipeline are expressing their concern.

Governor Noem’s office tonight saying quote “it’s unfortunate that President Biden is not standing up for American jobs and energy independence.”

The governor’s office says Trans-Canada energy, owners of Keystone XL, plans to challenge the revocation in court.

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