Scheierman with help of headbands having super sophomore season for SDSU

Baylor’s game has really grown in 2nd season in Brookings
Published: Feb. 1, 2021 at 11:31 PM CST
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BROOKINGS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Baylor Scheierman’s hair was everywhere this summer. “Over quarantine I kind of grew my hair out. When I was working out I always had a headband in because the hair would get in my face. I just decided to continue it,” SDSU Sophomore Baylor Scheierman says.

Since returning to campus the headband has the hardwood covered for South Dakota State. “He’s so versatile. Whether it’s a smaller guy, he’s able to take him on the block and score around the basket maybe. Then if you get a bigger guy on him he has the ability to play from the perimeter. As long as he keeps playing the way he is he can put on whatever he wants up top. He can color it blue if he wants t,” SDSU Head Coach Eric Henderson says.

The Nebraska native has always been one to put in long practice hours. “I was outside playing whatever all day, every day, and there was this siren that would blow at six o’clock and that’s when I knew that I had to be home,” Scheierman says.

And he wasn’t short on personality when first recruited by Jackrabbit coaches. “His best quality is his passing and he makes everybody around him better. I always knew that he’d effect the game in multiple ways and I just loved being around him,” Henderson says.

Mostly coming off the bench Scheierman played in every game as a freshman, averaging six points and five rebounds in 20 minutes. With his usual work ethic, Baylor made sure his locks weren’t the only thing growing in the off season. “I kind of know what to expect. I have a year under belt, I understand the speed of the game. Kind of just had to do everything a little bit better,” Baylor says.

Now a starter, he’s averaging nearly 14 points and nine rebounds per game. “A lot of people say the headband has got the power but I think it’s just me being more mature, more stronger and just improving on my game,” Scheierman says.

While that may be true, playing without the headband. “Against North Dakota State the refs made me take it off because it didn’t match my jersey. And for the whole first half I literally couldn’t see, I hair was in my face, I was going like this (brushing my hair back) every five minutes. Coach (Tyler) Glidden cut like a band off a tee shirt and I was able to use that as a headband for the second half,” Baylor says.

....can be hair raising experience! “We have a lot of backup headbands now, I know that now!” Henderson says.

In Brookings, Zach Borg, Dakota News Now Sports.

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