Schools, businesses in Brandon contend with power outages

Published: Feb. 16, 2021 at 4:46 PM CST
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BRANDON, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The City of Brandon woke up to an unexpected power outage Tuesday.

Fortunately, the Brandon Valley School District already had a late start, but businesses were not as lucky as many had to close their doors or even give food away for free.

For some students in Brandon, the school day started a little dark, “Got them inside where it was warm, kept them inside and got them to their classrooms and started the school day by the light of a battery-operated laptop,” said Brandon Valley School District Superintendent Jarod Larson.

The Superintendent says power across the district was restored before 10:30 Tuesday morning.

Businesses in the area experienced a powerless morning as well.

“It was a painfully expensive morning; the pumps went down people couldn’t get fuel,” said Brandon’s Coffee Cup Deli Manager Sheila Jonas.

The Coffee Cup is usually a busy spot most mornings for fuel, coffee, and food. However, on Tuesday many customers were met with a giveaway.

“A lot of people got free breakfast this morning as soon as the power went out it was waste the food or give it away. We did a customer appreciation this morning and gave them the food so we didn’t have to throw it away,” Jonas said.

Other businesses close their doors for the day, after not being able to serve their morning crowd.

With no power, the Coffee Cup had payment problems as well.

“It’ll store information, the credit card machine will store for a little while but after time the batteries go down and the storage gets full and then we can’t take credit cards. It was down for so long that we just got to where we could just do cash only,” Jonas added.

No fuel, no food, and no payments left staff stranded, “Stand with our hands behind our back and wait for the power to come back on, not much we can do until we can cook again,” the Deli Manager said.

Once the light’s turned back on, it was back to work, “Thank god the power’s back on and I better get back to work now that we’re up and going,” said Jonas.

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