Cold weather encouraging more people to consider traveling

Published: Feb. 17, 2021 at 10:49 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Acendas Travel Agency, is projecting they will receive the same amount or even more trip request this February compared to last February, Despite the ongoing Covid Pandemic.

Many of these perspective travelers have one thing in common.

“The first thing anybody says when they call or email, they are just ready to be out of the South Dakota Weather, there ready to be on warmer weathers,” said Tracy Wilbeck, Acendas travel agent.

Many people though are still worried about Covid, which is bringing in some new clients to travel agencies.

“Its new clients, yes I have my returning people and my referrals and everything like that, but its new clients to Acendas, where I have never worked with them before or none of the agents in our office have, who are reaching out and wanting help because they’re scared,” said Wilbeck.

Despite the risk, the cold weather this year. like every year in South Dakota has some people wanting to travel to get a little warmer.

“We are always picking some place warm this time of year and it seems like every year we get kind of a 10 day stretch of zero down to minus 20 and we just kind of nailed it this year to be gone,” said Mark Shlanta, Sioux Falls Traveler.

The cold weather, which so many have been trying to escape, has also caused a headache for many travelers. With flights all over the country being cancelled.

“Were arriving two days late, we were supposed to come back Monday, but because of the weather issues in Dallas, we were re-booked to today,” said Shlanta.

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