Canton wrestling creating winning culture

Published: Feb. 23, 2021 at 11:27 PM CST
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CANTON, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Jeremy Ask, Canton wrestling coach says, “We’re trying to build from one level to the next. From youth wrestling to middle school, from middle school to JV and JV wrestler to varsity wrestler.”

Seth Peterson, Canton Senior says, “It’s just a ton of fun. Even in the wrestling room during practice with just how hard we go. It’s fun to be apart of something like that.”

Ask says, “They’re buying what we’re selling or they’re drinking what we’re stirring up. It’s kids that work hard and love the sport of wrestling genuinely that are willing to show up every day and bust their tails and try to get better, to improve.”

Jaden Dominissie, Canton Senior says, ”It’s all about being a role model and a leader. I think all of these young kids coming in see that we’re working hard and see our success from our hard work and so that makes them want to work harder.”

Braden Sehr, Canton Senior says, ”Ask is a great technique runner in the room. Intense practices and it’s proven to make us good, so we keep doing it.”

Zach Richardson, Canton Senior says, ”You’ve got to stick with it. It’s not easy, it’s tough. It sucks, it sucks more than it’s awesome. But the peak is there. But you just have to stick it out, especially in your senior year. You just have to stick it out until then.”

Jaden says, ”It’s not about the medals and the first place plaques that you’re getting, it’s about the memory you’re leaving in the room and the hard work you did to get there. I mean I’m making a lot more memories in the room than I am at tournaments competing. And I think it’s a lot of fun in the room.”

Jeremy says, ”Our kids are lucky because there’s a lot of passionate guys in our room that all have particular strengths. And we all have weaknesses where we kind of pick each other up.”

Seth says, ”He hasn’t built it on his drive to win so bad, he just builds it on using his abilities to pass on to his wrestlers and along with that comes success.”

Jeremy says, ”They’re fortunate that way our kids are. I feel we’re lucky to have the program that we have here.”

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