Family comes together to create art exhibit

75% Packard 25% Lockheart
75% Packard 25% Lockheart(Klaire Lockheart)
Published: Mar. 3, 2021 at 2:15 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - In a time when many of us have had to social distance, one family is coming together, but maybe not in the way you think.

An art exhibit, “75% Packard 25% Lockheart,” is on display now at the Washington Pavilion. It features works from four artists, all part of the same family.

“My kids were always given a certain amount of freedom. They always had the freedom to draw, paint, design, etc.,” Phyllis Packard, artist, and mother of Ahna and Aaron Packard, said.

We often find traits that tend to run in our families, for the Packard’s, that’s art.

“Within our family, (there) was a little bit more critique before the kindergarten drawing went on the refrigerator,” Aaron Packard said.

After years of creating their own respective pieces, the family’s work can now be all seen in one place.

“It’s four very different art minds coming together under one family umbrella,” Ahna Packard said.

And, though each artist’s works are certainly different, Aaron says there may be some commonalities.

“I think there are definitely some of those similarities traveling through the show,” Aaron Packard said.

Aaron, Ahna, and Phylis make up “75%” of the exhibit. The other “25%” comes from Aaron’s wife, Klaire Lockheart, who says entering into the family was a bit overwhelming at first.

“I joke that I had to submit my CV, my resume’, my exhibition record, and a portfolio too,” Lockheart said.

The display features nature, plays on art history, and even highlights current events.

“This show is dealing a lot with the pandemic and what we’ve been going through,” Aaron Packard said. “(I) decided to create works showing everyday people, in somewhat of a more epically produced way, wearing masks.”

Lockheart has put her own spin on an old style of artwork, swapping the roles of men and women.

“I’m taking these traditional positions that you see women in, in art history in museums, but I’m placing men in those poses, but in man caves instead,” Lockheard said.

While each artist’s individual style stands out, together, they complete a unique gallery of artwork.

Phyllis “It’s been exciting to have this all together,” Phyllis Packard said.

75% Packard 25% Lockheart” is on display now through the end of May, inside the Jerstad Gallery of the Washington Pavilion.

“It is a thrill to exhibit with a family of amazing artists,” Lockheart said.

To view a virtual gallery, click here.

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