Jack and Charlie’s Bookstores compete in Summit League challenge

Published: Mar. 7, 2021 at 8:22 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Because of the pandemic, fans are not allowed at this year’s Summit League tournament. So, SDSU and USD’s bookstores started a rivalry of their own called, ‘Jack and Charlie’s Summit League Challenge.’

Fans have until Tuesday to sell the most items and fill up the Summit League seats on the scoreboard online.

As of now, USD has a three and a half thousand lead over the Jacks.

“This year has been a lot different for a lot of reasons it is always fun to do what we can to stay part of it,” said SDSU student Randy Kumogne.

“During the pandemic, one of things we really realized is if we don’t go virtual with some things, we sort of lose that whole energy and fire our fans go off, so this is time to do it,” said USD Vice President of enrollment Scott Pohlson.

“We wanted to get fans involved even though they couldn’t be there. We wanted alumni to be involved. Even people that don’t live in South Dakota to feel like they are included,” said Jackrabbit Central director Amber Healy.

“It’s a friendly rivalry with bookstore, so we called them up and they said great idea, and off we go,” said Pohlson.

“Anytime we can support the ‘Yotes, and bring some pride to Vermillion, I think its a great idea,” said USD student Natalie Strei.

“I think its really cool these two rivalry schools have this bookstore thing and it’s really cool if our school, South Dakota State,

students would try to purchase socks or hat or something little to show some support for the team,” said Kumogne.

“It’s great we are able to use this rivalry to boost something important and keep camaraderie and keep engagement with the fans because you know, we can’t go up to Sioux Falls. It sucks, but this is a great alternative to engage the campus,” said USD student Marcus Destin said.

It’s always fun to beat them, however they are winning right now, so Jackrabbits, we need a little bit of your help to bring some more cowbell, and order some items,” said Healy.

“We know we accepted the challenge because our students are going to show up and that’s why we need everybody to come out and make something happen. We need to win this competition,” said Kumogne.

“It also shows fans and players we are still here for you even though we can not be at the Summit League tournament,” said Healy.

“I think we are going to pull out this win!”

“I think they have no shot, I think they have no shot because it’s go Jacks,” said Kumogne.

“Any time we can one up the Jackrabbits, it’s a win in our books, so go ‘Yotes,” said Strei.

“Thank you very much, you’re welcome!”

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