9-year-old Sioux Falls boy diagnosed with MIS-C a month after getting COVID-19

9-year-old diagnosed with MIS-C a month after getting COVID-19
Published: Mar. 10, 2021 at 6:14 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The unknowns with COVID-19 are all too common for those who are struggling to find help and answers.

When a Sioux Falls family all tested positive for COVID last December, they experienced just how hard it can be to find help after their son became extremely ill.

A full month after Kalen Meyer, 9, tested positive for COVID-19, he became sick with Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome, or MIS-C, which can be brought on by the virus in children.

Getting this diagnosis would be an uphill battle for the Meyer family.

“Kalen has celiac disease and we were there doing a check-up and Kalen fainted in the middle of the Mayo clinic,” said Janna, Kalen’s mother.

Kalen was rushed to the ER.

“We started to notice his lymph node on his left side just started to protrude out of his neck and he had a round rash that covered the top of it,” she added.

After several tests, he was released and the family went back home to Sioux Falls. But things progressively got worse.

“I never felt good. Most of my body parts hurt. Just didn’t like it,” said Kalen. He was brought in for three more emergency visits that week.

Each time, the tests showed nothing wrong and they were sent home.

“While we were there he spiked a 104 temp,” said Janna. “At that point, your mama bear intuition starts kicking in at this point. This is scary.”

By Sunday, Kalen had been running a fever for six straight days and his rash had spread throughout his whole body.

“I made a phone call to the on-call pediatrician who right away said to us, ‘Have you guys had COVID?’ I was like, ‘Yes, and I think he has MIS-C.’ and she said, ‘I do too,’” said Janna.

Making this their fifth and final emergency visit early that Sunday morning, the Meyers would finally get answers.

“I am so thankful that God put the team… I am so thankful for the team that God placed there at that time because given another 12 hours I don’t know if we would have Kalen here,” said Janna.

Like so many, this virus took a toll on the entire family.

“It was just me by myself for the first time and I thought Kalen wasn’t able to make it,” said Kalen’s older brother Kasen.

“He wasn’t allowed to be in the hospital and he was scared he wasn’t going to see his brother again,” said Janna.

Kalen was given a 12-hour I-V treatment with steroids and a low dosage of aspirin. Because of this, he has made nearly a full recovery.

Now, Kalen is back to exploring the outdoors, adventure backpack in hand and his big brother by his side.

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