Seven new electric car charging stations to be added to South Dakota interstates

Published: Mar. 25, 2021 at 10:48 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Several motor vehicle companies have made a commitment to expand electrical vehicle options in the future.

To help further the transition to these electric vehicles, South Dakota electric co-ops plan to install more charging stations throughout the state by the end of summer.

Currently, there are very few charging stations in South Dakota, most people with electric cars can get by charging their vehicles at their home.

But for those who need to travel across the state, the lack of charging stations makes it nearly impossible depending on a car’s battery size.

“A group of utilities got together and put in an application for some grant funds that were made available through the state of South Dakota and were going to be installing seven DC fast charging, along the interstate corridors along I-29 and I-90,” said Ben Pierson, Manager of Beneficial Electrification at Sioux Valley Energy.

These charging stations are considered level 3 and will be able to give a car enough energy for a 100-mile trip in about 30 minutes.

The charging stations will be placed about 75 to 100 miles apart and located in Watertown, Brookings, Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Chamberlain, Murdo, and Wall.

There are plans to expand more stations as the need for them grows.

“As vehicle manufacturers switch to all-electric vehicles, the need for public charging infrastructure will be greater. So, this certainly isn’t going to meet that need but it’s a start. You will see more and more of them and you will see faster and faster rates of charge,” said Pierson.

Sales consultants at Nissan Billion Auto say they’ve already seen increased interest in electric cars, despite some people being wary of the lack of public charging stations.

“It’s going to be less of a factor for people wanting to take advantage of electric vehicles, once there are more charging stations,” said Ian Kumerow, sales consultant Nissan Billion Auto. “You got General Motors, you got Nissan you have all kinds of manufacturers coming out with new electric vehicles and it’s going to be part of the future whether we’re ready for it or not.”

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