Only on Dakota News Now: The chicken and the diamond

Published: Apr. 16, 2021 at 6:59 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - It was around this time last year, that Jessica Schaap made a change in her life.

“Was at Walmart, HyVee, and Aldi. And there were no eggs available at all. This was late April, so we were right in the middle of the pandemic. And I thought, let’s get chickens. So I went to Cambell’s which is Runnings now. And I brought home eleven chickens,” Jessica said.

Soon after, her husband Jim built a coop on their acreage east of Sioux Falls.

“I actually had no idea how to raise chickens, I knew nothing about chickens and I learned really quickly and I literally just fell in love with the birds. They’re more like pets now,” said Jessica.

Then November came.

“I have these diamond earrings that I never take off, I wear them all the time. I was holding one of my chickens her name is Carol Baskhen. And I was just kind of snuggling her up and she plucked the diamond right out of my ear. I heard it in her beak and I heard her swallow it,” said Jessica.

“My first thought was when the chicken ate the diamond was, well there’s an easy fix to that. But then I realized how much she loved the chickens, and I decided it wasn’t worth getting divorced over so we left the diamond in the chicken,” Jim said.

“We kept her in a confined area I went through her waste cause I thought she would poop it out. She never did, so I took her to the vet and they X-rayed her and we could see the diamond in her gizzard,” said Jim.

Jessica didn’t consume herself by looking at chicken droppings, which are all over the acreage. And then something happened last week.

“Five months later, I opened up the back doors of the coop just to get some air in there and I saw this tiny little glimmer. And sure enough, it was my diamond sitting in the manure.

So why was the diamond in the chicken for five months?

“Well, she ate a bunch of screws. And so you could see on the X-ray that the diamond was stuck in between the screws. And my vet thought that it would stay there forever but what happened was the metal disintegrated the gold disintegrated. So the loose stone just finally dropped, and she finally let it go,” said Jessica.

Which leads to a happy ending to the chicken and the diamond story.

“I honestly thought that the diamond would come back to me. I really thought when she died it would still be there and we would just get it out that way. But she gave it back to me a lot sooner,” said Jessica.

Jessica says she is going to write a children’s book about her experience.

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