Avera Medical Minute: Latest updates Coronavirus testing, vaccines and lessons learned

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Published: Apr. 22, 2021 at 11:14 AM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - As conditions change with the pandemic, new questions emerge. In this question and answer series, we get the latest from Avera Medical Group Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kevin Post.

Q: A new COVID-19 at-home test was announced earlier this week. It is an antibody test, rather than the PCR test performed at Avera. What are your thoughts?

A: The at-home antibody test is something we’re watching closely. I did touch base with our specialists and lab technologists as well, and they are still looking at the specifics of the accuracy of this test, I think what’s important is that should you do it, if you do have positive antibody testing, just don’t let it be a false reassurance that you can not have reinfection. And it still underscores the point that it’s really important to still get vaccinated, to help boost some baseline immunity you may have to still hopefully, position yourself that’s to fight off infection or passionate possible COVID infection on to others.

Q: Those 80 plus certainly have been hit the hardest with a Coronavirus about 5,200 positive cases and about 1,000 deaths, for someone in that 80 plus category that has chosen not to vaccinate, what advice would you have?

A: I would urge them to, consider why it is that they don’t want to get vaccinated and if they would consider moving forward with it as they have proven to be safe. I think when you’re in that age category, just being very honest with yourself of the risk if you would get a COVID infection and not just for yourself, also for hopefully a spouse that you may be with and your family members as well.

Q: And we’ve all learned lessons during the pandemic, I’m wondering if you can share with us some of the lessons learned from your perspective?

A: Two things come to mind. One is, always remember that you made the best decision with what you knew at the time. So I think as we look back at the last year, so many guidelines have changed recommendations have changed and that can seem confusing. And then being very open-minded to be adaptable and change your mind as more information becomes available. Secondly, I think this has been a very divisive year, so I think it’s so important that we listen to others, to try to understand their point of view, and give grace to others as well to live through this how they best feel comfortable with. Because in the end what we want is united families, united communities, as we hopefully come through and beyond this pandemic.

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