Sioux Falls police investigating 2nd fake jewelry scam case

Sioux Falls Police Department
Sioux Falls Police Department(Dakota News Now)
Published: Apr. 23, 2021 at 1:53 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Authorities in Sioux Falls are investigating a fake jewelry scheme with many similarities to another case reported earlier this week.

The incident took place Thursday afternoon near Whittier Middle School in northeast Sioux Falls. Police spokesperson Sam Clemens said a man in a white SUV approached a woman near 5th Street and Fairfax Avenue. A woman and two children were also inside the SUV.

The man in the SUV told the woman he had recently lost some money, and needed a large amount of cash to get back home. The suspect offered her jewelry in exchange for cash. At first, he gave her a ring he claimed was worth $3,000. The woman had a small amount of cash on her, and gave this to the man. However, the man insisted on more money.

Clemens said the woman went with the man to a gas station so she could withdraw more cash from an ATM. She gave the suspect around $500 total, and the man gave her more jewels. The man tried to convince her to give more money, but she declined. The man then left.

The woman took the jewelry to a pawn shop immediately afterwards, where she learned the jewelry was fake. She then notified police.

Police are investigating surveillance footage from the gas station where the ATM was located.

This is the second fraudulent jewelry scam reported in Sioux Falls in as many days. On Wednesday, a man in a white SUV approached a victim at a gas station with a similar story. The victim ended up paying around $8,000 in cash for fake jewelry. A woman and a child were in the suspect’s SUV in that incident, as well.

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