Brookings mom searching for answers after a teacher allegedly pushed her kid

Updated: May. 6, 2021 at 6:55 PM CDT
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Brookings, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - A Brookings mother is raising concerns about an alleged incident involving her child and a teacher at Mickelson Middle School. She says her son was pushed down by a teacher who was breaking up an argument between her son and another student.

Sarah Nygard says her son has been called various racial slurs throughout the school year. After Tuesday’s alleged incident, she wants answers.

The incident allegedly happened when a student started a fight by calling Nygard’s son racial and homophobic slurs, she says a teacher stopped the fight and pushed down her son.

Nygard was told there was a video of the incident but she has not been able to see it.

“I called the principal he said I could go look at the video,” said Nygard. When I got there the assistant principal said that the video, they just watched is no longer available.”

Nygard wants answers about the incident and the slurs she says were used against her son.

“Now I’m just waiting, I’m not sending my kid back to school until I can see the video and find out what really happened and what’s going on,” said Nygard.

The Brookings School District Superintendent Klint Willert said the district was contacted about a concern and is reviewing the allegations.

“Brookings school district rejects all forms of racism. The district board, administration, and staff will not tolerate any type of racist behavior,” said Willert. “The impacts of racially motivated slurs, comments, or behavior can have a traumatic effect on all learners and our community. "

Nygard says she’s considering legal action.

“If that teacher really did push my son like my son was saying he did, then I would like to press charges,” said Nygard. “There’s no reason a teacher should be eligible to put both hands on him, push the kid back, I understand putting your hands up in-between the kids but grabbing him and pushing him is unacceptable.”

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