Reece Arbogast’s dominance on the mound goes beyond a good arm

Reece Arbogast’s dominance on the mound goes beyond a good arm
Updated: Jun. 7, 2021 at 10:39 PM CDT
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RENNER, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - It isn’t hard to figure out how Reece Arbogast became a pitcher, “It’s something I’ve always enjoyed, I get to go out there and control the game, control the pace and it’s something that my mom did too. She was a pitcher, she was a shortstop she did all of it a little bit and I know my dad used to pitch back in the day sometimes too.” O’Gorman & Renner Pitcher Reece Arbogast said.

And he uses an array of pitches, and his intellect, to try and break down batters, “I think a lot of times for righties the changeup is the best strikeout pitch, sometimes I’ll get a read where a fastball in is my best strikeout pitch. Lefties I like throwing more slider, curve,” Reece said.

“He’s very confident up on the mound he’s a great leader, a great mentor he knows where to pitch,” Renner Head Coach Mike Greco said.

So much so that he’s earned the respect of his Renner Legion teammate and Wichita State-bound pitcher Austin Henry.

“I like how well he hits his spots, how well he uses the hitters weaknesses against them whereas I just kind of use my strengths and just go from there. I’ve learned a lot from Reece over the years on just how he pitches because that’s definitely the definition of Reece, he’s a pitcher for sure,” said Renner & Dell Rapids Pitcher Austin Henry.

“We’re able to bounce a lot off of each other just day-to-day. Talk about our stuff, how we pitch, how we pitch different hitters. A lot of times last year I know we threw against the same team in a double header so it’s a lot of ‘what did you see game one? What do you see I’m doing out there attacking certain hitters?’” Arbogast added.

It’s all helped Reece become a state champion with O’Gorman High School and Post 307, earning him a scholarship to South Dakota State, “I go out there and everything else just kind of goes away and it’s something I wouldn’t rather do anything else,” said Reece.

Where he’ll continue to find his own space on the mound.

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