Proposed Brandon expansion raises concerns

Updated: Jun. 8, 2021 at 7:31 PM CDT
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BRANDON, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The city of Brandon is expanding, and is currently in a study to annex a number of pots northeast of town. But that has some that live there concerned about what rules and regulations could come with it.

The annexation would cover land around East Redwood Blvd. and North Chestnut Blvd. But land owners are concerned that they aren’t being consulted enough so far, and what more information from the city about it’s plans to the area.

“Just open communication, you know. As far as what they plan on doing, how they plan to fit our lifestyle into this.” said Nicole Haug.

“We want some communication. We want to know what the intent of Brandon is. And honestly, they should hear us out. There’s absolutely no reason that a family farm or any of these farms would want to be annexed into Brandon.” said Jess Elofson.

And those concerns revolve around what land and water restrictions would be placed on those farms, and that could affect their bottom line.

“For me, this is my livelihood. You know, it’s how I make a living. I feel like they would pretty much run me out of business. I wouldn’t be able to make it work.” said Chelsea Nelson.

For the moment there isn’t anything more than the study underway, looking at the infrastructure already in the area. But the city said it’s committed to discussing the annexation further when it gets results.

“We’ll sit down with them, at a number of meeting if we need to. To explain where we’re at, what we’re looking for, and what the city’s plans are for the area. And if they have any concerns, which they do, those are legitimate concerns that a lot of those folks have, we can see what we can do to address them.” said Brandon City Administrator Bryan Read.

Read said the city expects the study results to be in by late summer.

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