Avera Medical Minute: C-section awareness, reversing the stigma

Updated: Jun. 20, 2021 at 9:39 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Having a baby is a unique experience for each woman. While some pregnancies involve having a baby naturally, other times a cesarean delivery or C-section is needed.

One Yankton mom is sharing her experience in hopes of breaking down some of the stigmas related to C-sections.

Rayna Roth is enjoying bonding time, getting to know her 6-week-old son Harrison.

“He’s a really good baby, he is,” said Roth.

Harrison is her third child.

“They are obsessed. My son is so happy to have a little brother and then my daughter is just all about baby,” said Roth.

Roth is meeting with Avera OB/GYN Dr. Catherine Brockmeier for a post-check-up to see how her body is healing.

“I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at nine weeks with him and then that’s when we decided right away that we were just going to do a C-section,” said Roth.

She’s had a C-section with all three children. Due to different circumstances, that was the safer option for her and her babies.

“You know, it’s more important to get the baby out than it is to experience that (natural birth). As long as my sons and my daughter are here healthy, and alive that’s all that matters,” said Roth.

Roth’s hoping to bring more awareness to C-sections and break some of the stigmas.

“Social media makes mentally, makes it a lot worse for us moms post-op. Mentally-wise because, you know, they talk about ‘Oh, we’ve accomplished this and you went the easy way out.’ It’s not an easy way out. There’s no easy way to childbirth,” said Roth.

“Even if you’re having a C-section, it’s still a birthday party. We’re going to still celebrate with you. You most often get to be awake and enjoy that moment. We put baby skin-to-skin as soon as possible in the OR, just like we do in the labor and delivery suite,” said Dr. Brockmeier.

Dr. Brockmeier wants moms who’ve given birth by C-section to know they are not alone.

“Talk to friends. I would guess almost every single person knows someone else who’s had a C-section. It is that common. It is the most common operation performed in the United States,” said Dr. Brockmeier.

“So find another person who maybe had a similar experience or felt the same way and see how they kind of coped through that,” she added.

There’s many different reasons a C-section is recommended such as the baby being in the wrong position.

“Patients ask me about labor and delivery and the experience and what to expect. The thing I always try to say is keep an open mind because it is very unpredictable...You might show up on labor and delivery with one plan and end up with another,” said Dr. Brockmeier.

Roth recommends seeking out medical advice and expertise throughout the process.

“You know your body and your body knows what it can do. If it can’t do a birth naturally, it’s going to tell the doctors and it’s going to tell the nurses. And just let it do its thing. Don’t force it,” said Roth.

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