Around $500 stolen from Canistota teens’ concession stand

Around $500 stolen from Canistota teens’ concession stand
Published: Jul. 6, 2021 at 6:53 PM CDT
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CANISTOTA, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Teens in Canistota are trying to find out who is responsible for stealing money from their concession stand. Around $500 was stolen sometime over the past week at the Canistota ballpark.

Tyce And Trey Ortman have spent much of their summer at the ballpark running the concession stand.

“I’ve kind of always been interested in the business side of things and I thought this was kind of like a business adventure I guess you’d call it. So I thought it would be kind of a good experience to run,” said Trey.

It’s a summer job they’ve put their all into.

“We had to get all of the supplies for it. So we went to Walmart, Sams, used our own money to buy all the inventory,” said Trey.

Any profits they make they get to keep.

“It’s a great way to earn money for college and pay for the things we need,” said Tryce.

Monday the 18 and 19-year-old discovered that they were robbed.

“We didn’t think anyone would break in and take the money. So we just thought we’ll leave some of it here, take some home every once in a while,” said Trey.

The teens believe the thief forced the latch open on the concession stand window. Then grabbed the money sitting behind the counter.

“You know a lot of emotions were going through my head at the time and kind of frustrating,” said Tryce.

“Just trying to think who would do that and if there’s any way we’d be able to catch who did it. There’s one camera right over there, but we’re not sure if it’s live or not. The sheriff is checking on it,” said Trey.

While upsetting, the teens say it was also a good learning experience.

“You know, I never really imagined it happening, especially in Canistota, such a small town. I think we were a little too trusting. Like I think we trusted Canistota too much and I think it’s definitely our fault that we left this money in here,” said Tryce.

They’ll make sure to be more careful with their money in the future.

Anyone with information on the theft is asked to reach out to the McCook County Sheriff’s office.

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