Someone You Should Know: First female radio voice of the Canaries

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Published: Jul. 14, 2021 at 5:50 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - If you’ve tuned into any Sioux Falls Canaries baseball games on the radio this summer you’ve heard the voice of Molly McIntyre, who’s making some history with the club.

Molly McIntyre grew up at the Birdcage.

“I’ve been going to games as long as I can remember. It’s a huge thing for my family. My dad is a big baseball guy, my sisters come out. You know the only memory. Cagey is just like, growing up as a kid going to the games and hanging out with Cagey is kind of the coolest thing to do,” said Molly.

The Sioux Falls native, who will be a senior at Black Hills State, saw an opportunity to come back home for the summer.

“My advisor is the one who actually sent me the link to this internship,” said Molly.

That internship involved being a part of the Canaries radio broadcasts, next to veteran radio voice Joey Zanaboni.

“Joey and I work pretty well. We take our turns. He does most of the play-by-play, I do a lot of the, kind of color commentary. We joke around a lot, and some innings I will take lead with play-by-play and just kind of work on that wheelhouse getting a little bit of both in there,” said Molly.

“We have so much fun together in the booth. There’s never a dull moment with Molly. It just feels like it’s always live and just a good time. It’s just a spark. She does a great job, she works hard, and I hope that we’re giving her something to build on for her future,” said Canaries radio voice Joey Zanaboni.

For Molly, the job gave her a chance to make team history.

“When I was interviewing for this internship, they brought it up that I would be the first Canaries female broadcaster. And I guess outside of that, South Dakota-wise there aren’t many names you can think of. So it’s really cool, and I kind of hope to trail blaze. You know when I was a kid there weren’t too many role models you know female-wise in any sport, let alone baseball,” said Molly.

And while there were some nerves at that first game in May, Molly has gotten more comfortable.

“I’m fairly hard on myself. I consider myself to be kind of a perfectionist. And I like to think I’m getting better game by game. Everybody tells me I’m doing a good job. I kind of have to force myself to believe it. I’d like to see myself progress, even more, get a little bit better. I think so far so good, I’m really enjoying what I’m doing,” said Molly.

“I think she’s done great. I think she’s been the best in the American Association this year,” said Joey.

And she hopes this is just the beginning of her time behind the mic.

“My dreams you know. I hope to be doing some sideline reporting whether it’s football, basketball, baseball. Kind of just anything in between. I’m a big sports fan. Don’t want to limit me to just one sport,” said Molly. “If I were to give advice to other girls who want to be sports broadcasters, I’d say don’t be scared. I think it’s really intimidating in a field that’s really dominated by men to think you are going to make it. And I had those doubts and fears. A lot of times you may think you know less but you don’t. I’d say stick with it, get a little bit better, practice more and you’ll make it too.”

Molly McIntyre will pave the way as a part of 100 Canaries broadcasts this summer.

In addition to her broadcasting duties, molly also does game write-ups and press releases, along with handling social media with the Canaries.

We just learned on the last day that Molly won’t be staying with the Canaries much longer though. She will be moving to Los Angeles in the coming weeks to work for the Chargers as one of their content editors for the upcoming NFL season.

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