Someone You Should Know: Creating technology for companies all over the world

Someone You Should Know: Creating technology for companies all over the world
Updated: Jul. 28, 2021 at 4:05 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Matt Murray, the Chief Technology Officer and President of AVPro Global Holdings, knows all about the grind of working in the technology industry. He’s always been interested in tech, working at Radio Shack in high school and later at Verizon, more in sales. His education is in sales and marketing, but he naturally got more involved in the tech world.

“This came out of necessity almost, so it was looking for new opportunities,” Murray said.

In 2013, Matt, his mom, and dad started the small company inside an office at Zeal in Sioux Falls and grew to where they’re at now; a 20,000 sq. feet building with about 50 employees. His mom and dad are still part of the business.

“It’s kind of been good. We’re all doing our own focus areas, and it’s really kind of helped us all take our concentrations and specialties and be able to build it up,” he said.

The company started out testing HDMI and AV components and reselling other people’s products. Employees now develop their own designs and manufacture their own equipment and hardware, distributing from Australia, Asia, Europe, South America, Canada, India, and the United States.

“So what we do is we move signals around. Often times you’ll see them in bars and restaurants, high-end homes, smart homes, things like that; where people want centralized technology,” Murray said. “And then we basically make a brain that is in a house, in a rack or in a building in a rack somewhere, kind of behind the scenes. So we’re really behind the scenes. So when people interface with technology and you press a button on your iPad and you want a TV to come down from the ceiling or you want to change a source or do something like that, we’re the technology behind it that makes that actually happen.”

A prime example of this is at the new bar and restaurant in Sioux Falls, Let It Fly.

“One box on each TV that gets the video to the television from our rack of sources, which is DIRECTV boxes, cable boxes, and computers,” Dave Lawrence said. He is the owner of L&S Video and Audio. The box he is talking about is one of AVPro’s products.

“They’re local. They’re very good at their business. They’re professionals of everything that they do. The quality of their product is second to none,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence said the fact that their support team is local is also a big deal. They were at the bar making sure all 77 televisions were connecting properly and as easily with the touch of a button on an iPad before it opened.

“On the scope of projects, it’s in the top 1/3 of size too,” Murray said.

That’s saying a lot when Murray works directly with leadership from some of the biggest tech companies in the world, like Sony, LG, Dolby, and Disney.

Murray said he has a handful of customers in Sioux Falls that his company works with, one of them being Home Definition. They help with the set up of a smart home that has one centralized controller, like an iPad to run the TV, audio, blinds, lights, and audio.

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