Someone You Should Know: Making her company better

Someone You Should Know: Making her company better
Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 5:48 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - This Sioux Falls woman is making the company she works for better every day and she recently received a big national award for it.

Kristin Hoefert-Redlinger has been working for Northwestern Mutual for about six years. After starting her career in the retail field, she was recruited to the financial planning company while was working at Younkers.

“I tried to recruit the chief development officer from this office to be a sales manager at Younkers, and she reverse recruited me into the role I’m in now,” Kristin said.

It was the start of a new path for Kristin, who grew up in Watertown, as the companies Chief Talent Officer.

“She’s responsible for attracting the talent for our new advisors. She’s part of the interview process. She’s part of the executive leadership team so she helps a lot with some of the decisions that we make day to day,” said Managing Director Sam Theobald.

“I mean Sioux Falls, I don’t really have to sell it. I can just say here are all the accolades at Northwestern. Here are all the accolades in Sioux Falls. Like where else would you want to be? This is the best city, the best company. There is no other place. And then once talent comes here from outside of the city, I think as businesses and organizations we have to retain it. That’s the bigger part rather than recruiting,” said Kristin.

Hoefert-Redlinger has excelled in the position. So much that she was recently named Northwestern Mutual’s Recruiter of the Year. The number one position against 700 recruiters national wide for the Fortune 500 company.

“I got to say a few words on stage in front of 17,000 people, virtually this year, so 200 locally, and then 17,000 across the country. Just share words of inspiration about leading and recruiting and working hard every day so that was pretty incredible too,” said Kristin.

“She’s not only helped us build one of the more talented financial planning teams in the country but she’s made a tremendous impact on the community,” said Sam.

“I think it’s exciting. I mean I have the opportunity to go, this probably sounds terrible, but go hunting for the best talent find the best people and introduce them to the career of a lifetime in the way that I look at it at Northwestern,” said Kristin.

She plans to continue growing in the company while balancing busy family life with her husband and two kids. And there are some aspirations outside of the business world.

“For my children, I would like to make Sioux Falls better. I would like to make it a better place and the economic growth I’d like to have continued so they have an abundant opportunity here as well. So I may run for office at some point in the future we’ll see,” said Kristin.

Until then she’ll continue to make her company better by finding the best talent.

Besides being Northwest Mutuals CTO, Kristin is also the company’s director of community relations and has spearheaded a number of their fundraising drives, many of which have given back to help fight childhood cancer.

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