Cyber expert claims Mike Lindell does not have election data, eligible for $5 Million award

Symposium attendee claims Mike Lindell's data is meaningless
Published: Aug. 11, 2021 at 9:55 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - If you drive past the Military Heritage Alliance building on Russell Avenue, you may see people waving signs, singing, or cars honking.

It’s all to draw attention to the closed event inside. The Cyber Symposium is hosted by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

The Cyber Symposium started as a formal event on Tuesday morning. As the event progresses, there is more crowd interaction including statements being yelled from the crowd.

While speakers from the stage claim that the Chinese government hacked the 2020 Presidential election, a quiet group of cybersecurity experts are finding another story in an adjacent room.

The main call to attend was what Lindell called proof of election fraud by having a digital version of every vote cast in the last Presidential election. Lindell described the data in a conversation on August 4th.

“We have every packet capture and all the data from the whole election for the 2020 November 3rd election,” said Lindell.

Tuesday we introduced you to Bill Alderson. He paid his own way to attend from Texas. Alderson is the Chief Technology Officer at Security Institute. He’s an instructor, talks of helping the Pentagon after 9/11, and just developed ways to limit the transmission packet captures, or p-caps through a system called Hop Zero.

When Alderson received Lindell’s data on Wednesday morning, he said it didn’t add up.

“We were unable to get the data from the actual 2020 election. Very disappointing,” said Alderson.

Some of his colleagues were discovering the same thing.

“But every person who came specifically looking for those p-caps was very disappointed. Some were somewhat angry,” said Alderson.

Lindell says the p-caps were provided to him in early January at no charge but paid millions of dollars to have them analyzed.

“If you have the packet captured you have it all,” said Lindell.

“And that’s the problem,” said Alderson. “They thought they had those p-caps, and they were in such a format: encrypted, decrypted, et cetera and they came out as gobbly goo, no conclusive evidence that I could analyze.”

Some of the cyber experts attending are wondering if Lindell paid for the analysis of worthless data.

During a zoom call on August 4th, we asked him, “What if they conned you?”

“12 different ones across his country and two of them work for the government, I don’t think so,” said Lindell. “What if you were conned? Well, then you come and get the $5 million dollars, huh? You know I offered $5 million dollars. There’s a $5 million prize.”

The prize was offered to anyone who could prove the data did not have 2020 election information. Alders signed the waiver to be eligible to receive the 5 million.

“I want Mike to keep his money, and to be happy and live a good life,” said Alderson. “But if he pays anybody else I want to be paid with them because it said he could split it. So I will take a split, if he’s gonna send it out, I’d like my share.”

Cyber expert claims proof that Mike Lindell does not have election data, is eligible for $5 million

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