Mike Lindell alleged attack in Sioux Falls: Witnesses say it didn’t happen

Published: Aug. 19, 2021 at 7:49 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Many conservatives from across the nation made their pilgrimage to Sioux Falls for Lindell’s Cyber Symposium on August 10, 11, and 12th.

On the last day of the event, MYPillow CEO Mike Lindell claimed he had been attacked, and filed a police report hours later.

Three men who had seen Lindell and had their pictures taken with him say they were with Lindell at the same time and place named in the attack. They are coming forward with their story out of concern for a young man, a stranger they assisted with taking pictures.

One of the three men is Jeff Bonuongiorno, a candidate for Congress in Florida. Major Ryan Kelly was also there and Shayne Snavely, a Senior Aide for Virginia Senator Amanda Chase.

“You have a Major in the Army, you have a Senior Aide to a State Senator, and myself, who’s running for United States Congress. I just need to protect the innocent and come forward with the truth,” said Buongiorno.

After attending the Lindell Cyber Symposium on August 11th, the men gathered in the lobby with others to socialize. When Lindell entered the Sheraton of Sioux Falls, they had a picture taken with him. A young stranger also asked for a picture.

“A second person or a younger person, maybe in his early 20s, asked Mike politely for a picture,” said Buongiorno.

“And the little kid was, ‘Hey, Mr. Lindell, can I get a picture?’ And I heard his voice. I didn’t watch it actually, I was still seeing which one of my photos was the best ones you know, I took several of them. And that’s how fast the picture occurred with, with a second kid. And then Jeff gave his phone back and we went on about his business,” said Major Kelly.

“And I was in a position to take another picture. So, the younger gentleman handed me his cell phone,” said Buongiorno. “I snapped a picture, and I gave the phone back to, to the guy, and Mike Lindell to enter the elevator with his, with his associate, and they went on their way.”

The following day, all three were surprised to hear Lindell claim he was attacked at the same time and place they were with him.

“There was no doubling over there was no, no, no pain of everything was normally got an elevator with his associate and it went straight up to the room and you can see the elevator all the way up,” said Snavely.

Their next call was to Sioux Falls Police, where they were told police had obtained their pictures from security video and were about to release their pictures to identify them.

“The police department has pulled all those videos all those pictures all those videos, so if it happened another time they’re going to know it,” said Snavely.

The men believe it is doubtful Lindell would have been attacked after that point.

“Actually have a room on that sixth floor to touch that elevator even get you to the sixth floor. So there’s not a bunch of yahoos on that sixth floor,” said Snavely.

Our I-Team contacted the Sheraton Sioux Falls, and although they are not commenting on the specifics of the investigation, they could speak about the 6th floor and confirmed it is limited access, similar to a VIP floor.

For everyone taking the pictures, it was a happy moment.

“Never put his hands on Lindell, you can see him getting his phone out, his face was of joy. It wasn’t that he was in a malicious, you know, planning mode, he was just happy to see Michael Lindell,” said Buongiorno.

The group came forward to ensure the young man who police are interested in talking to, does not have his reputation called into question.

“Create all kinds of trouble for, for people who are innocent,” said Buongiorno.

Sioux Falls police continue their investigation and will provide further details upon the conclusion.

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