Jefferson High School opens doors for first day of school

Published: Aug. 26, 2021 at 1:27 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The roads leading to Jefferson High School Thursday morning were busy, as they will be now for each new school year. The newest high school in the Sioux Falls School District broke ground in 2019.

While Jefferson High School Principal Dan Conrad said there’s still some loose ends to tie up with construction, they couldn’t wait to get the school year underway.

“My math side of me, my physics side of me says I work toward perfection. But sometimes we just need to be done. And it’s not done in the sense that we’re done forever, but we need to move onto the next phase. And that next phase is, we need our kids here so that we can grow as a community.” said Conrad.

Being a completely new school, students and staff from other schools in the district make up the Jefferson population. And both understand the importance of developing a unique culture at the new building.

“Everything that we’re doing and thinking about this first year is how we want to be, what we want Jefferson to be. With every organization, with the school itself, and building that culture for years to come.” said Jefferson High School Director of Bands Shane Macklin.

“As we bring the kids together, it’s going to be an interesting journey to see how we come together, and how we guide each other to get there.” said Conrad.

That work will be helped by the school’s upperclassmen, many who volunteered to leave their old schools behind and attend Jefferson to help make up it’s first graduating class.

“Most people are new. And so it’s kind of neat to meet new people, and that we’re leading the underclassmen too, being a senior. It’s exciting to be the first graduating class, and kind of setting off Jefferson right.” said Jefferson High School Senior Olivia Versteeg.

Conrad said this first year will be hectic and chaotic at times. But he said he knows the staff and students are looking to use it as a year to learn more about what works best in the building, and how they’ll work best as a team.

“So are there going to be some kinks along the way? Absolutely. Are we going to work through those things by putting people first? Yes.” said Conrad.

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