Parents give their input on child support guidelines

Parents give their input on child support guidelines
Parents give their input on child support guidelines
Published: Sep. 30, 2021 at 10:39 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The child support commission heard testimony from parents and economic experts about how much money it takes to care for a child.

The commission will be using what they heard to make recommendations for any changes they believe should happen regarding child support in South Dakota.

“This is our third meeting and we’ve had testimony from some economist about what it actually costs to raise a child and that what we’re trying to do, something that is fair and will provide appropriate support for children,” said Sen. Arthur Rusch, who represents Clay and Turner counties

Jessica Steidl has shared custody of her children. Under the current guidelines, shared parents’ obligations are multiplied by one and a half, which she believes should not happen.

“I actually would pay less child support if I would give up custody of my children,” said Steidl.

Tom Pischke is a non-custodial parent. He says the current guidelines don’t take into account when a child stays with a non-custodial parent, making the financial burden even harder.

“You have to understand there will be money spent, even if you only have them every other weekend. And only for that overnight you have to have a place for those kids to sleep, you got to feed those kids, you have to have the basic necessities for those kids. So there will be money spent on those kids that are not taken into account in our current system,” said Pischke.

One of the proposals discussed would decrease child support needed for those with lower income but increase the amount for those with higher income, but Pischke says that would affect him.

“It’s really the middle class that you’re hitting and the higher it goes the higher the increases get. It’s probably going to increase mine. I’m a middle-class guy, making about $55,000 a year. It’s going to hurt. It’s really going to hurt,” said Pischke.

The child support commission will be taking public comments until November 1st.

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