Bishop Dudley House using Amazon wish list to help restock supplies

Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 5:58 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House has served about 1,400 individuals so far in 2021. That ability falls heavily on donations.

One of those people, Tiara Sails, has been a guest at the Bishop Dudley House for about three months. As well as utilize the facility, she lends a hand.

“To pay for my locker I help out in the kitchen, so whatever they need help with I just (do),” Sails said.

The Bishop Dudley House serves people, just like Tiara, each day.

“We are normal human beings, we’re real people,” Sails said. “We just fall on hard times and we kind of need help.”

Derek Arndt, another guest of the Dudley House, says he is grateful for the facility.

“I think it’s important for a lot of people to know they can go somewhere,” Arndt said.

Last week, staff posted to the Bishop Dudley House Facebook page asking the public for supplies.

“We need, in this home, everything that everyone else has in their homes,” Madeline Shields, Bishop Dudley Hospitality House Executive Director, said.

The response has been incredible.

“If we ask for things, people come through for us, and that is a testament to what a fantastic community we live in,” Shields said.

“I don’ think people realize that it doesn’t just go out to the homeless that live here, other people come,” Sails said. “When someone has a home with six kids... and you need a lot of things, you can come here and they give it to you for free.”

They’re using an Amazon wish list to tell the community what they’re in need of.

“People have become accustomed to online shopping because of the pandemic, and really, it’s very convenient,” Shields said.

Arndt says he is appreciative of the generosity others have shown.

“Those that do help, that are under the covers, I think it’s very important that I say thank you, cause a lot of people here appreciate it,” Arndt said. “They may not say thank you, but they maybe don’t know how to say thank you, and I think they really appreciate all the help you give them.”

To view the Amazon wish list, click here.

If you use AmazonSmile, you can raise money for the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House when donations are purchased.

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