CTE Career Fair highlights local career and education opportunities

Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 10:18 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - With how many different employers are looking for local workforce, there’s plenty of career paths for high schoolers looking for their journey after graduation. Tuesday’s career fair at the CTE Academy in Sioux Falls highlighted those opportunities for students.

The fair featured booths from tech schools, universities, military opportunities and employers for students to check out straight out of high school. With the current amount of job opportunities in South Dakota, there’s plenty for students to check out.

“Our goal, is to one have kids graduate high school. But not just that. We want them to graduate with a plan. And we want them to know what their passion is, and how that connects to a particular career.” said CTE Academy Principal Josh Hall.

Hall said the fair is more important now than ever to help students decide on what career paths are available to them, and help them find their place in the workforce.

“Whether it’s a four year institution, a two year institution, or going right to work. We just want to make sure that they know where they’re headed, and they have a plan when they leave us or graduate from high school.” said Hall.

It’s also an opportunity for employers to connect with students and find out what they want in their future. Deffenbaugh Homes Owner Jesse Deffenbaugh said an advantage of students talking to employers at fairs now would be finding opportunities still in school for them to find what they like, and consider it for a future career.

“Like you could take a semester of seeing what it’s like being a carpenter. And you might hate it. Well it’s good to know when you’re 16 years old that, versus later down the road.” said Deffenbaugh.

Deffenbaugh said specifically in home construction, students coming out of high school now could make significant progress in their careers in only a handful of years.

“An employee today that’s maybe a 18, 19 years old fresh out of school. With the right level of education, right experience with working hand in hand with us, could be a real asset to our company in five years.” said Deffenbaugh.

Hall also said the fairs are beneficial for parents, to showcase what careers are out there and talk to their children about it.

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