Lost and found: family loses child’s walker, finds hope

Kassidy Klaudt
Kassidy Klaudt(kfyr)
Published: Nov. 2, 2021 at 5:23 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Social media is a powerful tool and sometimes it helps us see the good in the world.

One New Salem woman experienced the power of social media firsthand over the weekend when her granddaughter’s walker was lost. There is lots of good news here: the walker was found and Kelly Klaudt’s positive attitude was restored.

This is four-year-old Kassidy Klaudt’s new favorite toy. She can play without having to move, which is good, because right now Kassidy can’t move very easily.

“She can’t move anywhere on her own,” said her grandmother, Kelly Klaudt.

Kassidy relies on a walker to get around, so when it went missing over the weekend, her grandparents were devastated. The family was driving back to New Salem from Woonsocket, S.D. They noticed it was gone when they stopped for gas in Aberdeen.

“We had no clue what had happened or where it went,” explained Kelly.

She turned to Facebook, hoping maybe someone might find it.

“It was crazy how it went from there,” she recalled.

Within hours her post had been shared more than a thousand times; strangers promised to keep their eyes open for the walker. Others offered to chip in for a new one or donate a similar one no longer being used.

“People from all over; from Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wyoming, Canada, North Dakota and South Dakota. All these people have reached out to us and it is just crazy,” said Kelly. “Who would have thought there’d be 1,000 people checking out for our granddaughter’s walker?”

Kassidy’s walker was found but it was in pieces and unfixable. But what has been fixed is her grandparent’s faith in others.

“You think the society is going to heck in a handbasket and then something like this just gives you hope,” said Kelly.

Hope, Kelly says, that most people are good.

Kelly says now that they have the damaged walker and the pieces, it might speed up the insurance process to get a new one.

Strangers in Brookings and Rapid City, S.D. have offered to give Kassidy walkers they’re no longer using and this week they hope to pick up a loaner from a friend in Bismarck.

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