Aberdeen Area Humane Society advises caution when gifting pets

Pets given as gifts during the holidays often find themselves back in shelters.
Published: Nov. 29, 2021 at 6:45 PM CST
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ABERDEEN, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The holiday season is approaching and adopting a pet can seem like the perfect gift for the whole family, but the responsibility of a new four-legged friend should be carefully considered before adoption.

The Aberdeen Area Humane Society says during the holidays, they tend to see a rise in pet adoptions.

”We do see a lot more people trying to impulse adopt where they’re just like ‘I’m alone for the holidays and I really want a buddy,’ or whatever the case is,” said Shelter Manager Elaine Schaible.

Impulsively getting a pet for the holidays, however, often leads to those pet owners overlooking the fact that new pets take time and care. This leads to those pets winding up at shelters like the Humane Society.

”Sometimes we do see quite a few extra surrenders after the holidays though, where people got a pet one way or the other and then they’re like ‘Wow my life is going back to normal. I don’t have time for this pet,’” said Schaible.

The Humane Society does advocate for adoption, but will not provide those looking to adopt with a quick holiday gift. Shelter staff say they want those looking to adopt to take time finding the perfect dog or cat for their home.

”We do not deliver cats under trees or puppies under trees. We don’t do same-day adoption for the most part. We need people to be patient with us and be patient with our animals. If you’re in a hurry, most of the time that’s a big red flag for us,” said Schaible.

Instead of buying a pet on a whim, the Humane Society offers other gift ideas to support local shelter animals during the holiday season.

”If you want to help in other ways, you can donate to the shelter. You can donate in honor of somebody. If you have somebody who has everything, you can make a donation to the humane society in their honor,” said Board of Directors Vice President Kelly Serr.

The Aberdeen Area Humane Society has over 60 dogs and cats available for adoption. To learn more about these furry friends, visit anewleashonlife.net.

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